Paragliding is such a thrilling activity which has been around for a long time and holds a special place in the hearts of adventure seekers. For tourists to experience the feeling of flying, they would need only 15 minutes in a paragliding session. In India, Paragliding takes place in many of the locations, but because of Goa’s beautiful scenery, people generally prefer to experience it there. There are many popular destinations and beaches in and around Goa that offer Paragliding at a nominal cost. Tourists can try this refreshing activity in North Goa as well as in South Goa.

Paragliding in Arambol

Arambol in North Goa is a tourist attraction famous for the activity. Tourists who visit Goa love Arambol beach because of its peaceful vibe and fantastic nightlife. Tourists can find a lot of exhilarating water sports here, and tourists can also enjoy Paragliding here as it is the main attraction.

Paragliding in Anjuna

Anjuna beach is considered to be a party beach and garners vast crowds every year. The beach does not have as big a coastline as Arambol beach, but tourists can enjoy Paragliding here as well. Tourists here can get a magnificent view of the many coconut trees that occupy the coast.

Paragliding in Calangute

Calangute beach is a great place to visit as it has a lot of sports and recreational activities conducted regularly. Going to paraglide in Calangute is an experienced tourist must try. Since it is not very expensive, tourists can have fun and fly for 15 minutes. Here they can get a glimpse of the beach with so all of the people and the incredible Arabian Sea.

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