Dudhsagar Waterfall Bus Tour with Goa Travel Hunt, provides a perfect backdrop for selfies with friends on this bus tour. This will truly be memorable day making any trip to Goa complete. Enjoy with friends and make new friends while you see spectacular nature.Dudhsagar means 'Sea of Milk'. It is not hard to guess why it has this name when you see it. The huge volume of water flowing down the massive Dudhsagar Waterfall, from a height of just over 300 meters, makes the water look like milk. It is from this, that it gets its name. It is a four-tiered waterfall and this is what makes it so spectacular. The four tiers pour a huge amount of water down the side of the mountain. The power of such a flow of water causes a lot of water droplets to be released outwards that create the famous rainbows in the sunlight. As Goa has permanent sunlight, you are sure to see these beautiful natural phenomena.

Swim in Dudhsagar Waterfall

On this tour, you have plenty of time to look around and explore the area around the falls. You can also swim at the foot of the waterfalls. Don't forget to bring a swimsuit and a towel to enjoy this. Back from the Dudhsagar Waterfall, there are calm pools that are perfect for swimming. It is of course very dangerous to get anywhere near the bottom of the falls due to the weight of the water falling. Please take care while inside the water and remember that the rocks around can be slippery. There are also monkeys around the falls. Please remember that they are wild (they can bite) and that they are protected animals. Please respect and keep your distance from them. Especially do not feed them and do not eat outside.

Jeep Safari to Dudhsagar Falls

The Jeep Safari mainly involves taking a bumpy ride through the muddy roads and a walk through the mysterious Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists have to go to Kulem which is a two-hour drive from Baga or Calangute. From Kulem starts the jeep journey to the falls and a once in a lifetime experience!

Visit to Spice Plantation

Trip to a refreshing Spice Farm in Goa with your family and friends where you get a fantastic opportunity to connect with the Mother Nature. You will have a nice time enjoying the beautiful plantation of nutmeg, cashew, betel nut, chilies and many others.


  • Departure Location:

    Your Hotel

  • Included:

    Guided Tour at Spice Plantation

  • Duration:

    06.30am – 04.30pm

  • Inclusive of:

    All Entry Fees.

  • Exclusion:

    Camera Fees (Rs. 30 – 100)

  • Environmental Tip:

    Please don’t feed the monkeys because you are not doing a favour for them instead you are harming them, Please help us save the environment by saying “No” to littering.

  • What to wear :

    Wear Comfortable athletic clothing, Hiking boots. No flip flops!!! Tennis shoes and strap on sandals also are a good choice.

  • Others:

    Jeep safari AND Old Goa church

  • Included :

    Breakfast Spread : Veg Sandwich / Omelet toast Banana Poha Butter Cube Water Tea / coffee

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