The relatively newer activity of bungee jumping is a perfectly safe adventure sport that is attracting brave-hearts from around the world in this tiny Indian state. One of the top bungee operators – The Gravity Zone – is the place to be during your next Goa trip. Located near the famous Anjuna Beach, The Gravity Zone operators throughout the year. Of course, this seemingly simple jump is not everyone’s cup of tea and needs a lot of strength and preparation. So, let’s first understand how it operates and who can be eligible for bungee jumping.

Height and Age

Bungee jumping is usually carried out from a height which is anywhere between 50m - 73m from the ground. According to the experience you want to have, separate platforms will be provided to them. If you are an individual above 18+ years of age then you will only need to bring an ID card to verify the people. However, those who are between the age of 10 - 17 years of age, they will have to bring an adult with them preferably the guardian. Regardless of the age, if you have any medical problem, it is your responsibility to tell it to our team members.

What is STANZ?

Most of the operators maintain strict safety measures which are vital for all the participants. All the operators follow the STANZ or Standard of Australia and New Zealand, which is a benchmark for international safety standards for those who are going to participate in bungee jumping. All the equipment and other gadgets are specially designed by reputed brands and supplied to these operators. So before you make the great leap, the crew and members will ensure all your safety gear is according to STANZ norms. Bungee trainers are or masters will guide you through a quick briefing which will help you to enjoy the adrenaline rush but also stay relaxed.

What to wear?

There are certain things which you should wear and somethings which should be avoided during the Bungee jumping. Here are the things which you should not be wearing when you are participating in bungee jumping - sandals, slippers, sunglasses, high heels, shirt and another uncomfortable garment which can cause distress. On the other hand, you must wear a sports shoe or strapped floater. You must also remember to wear a light and good quality t-shirt which can make you feels comfortable. Participants should not carry any bag or other items in their pocket because if they are lost, they will be responsible for it themselves. The company will not bear any charges.


  • Physical Information:

    Minimum 35 kg to 150 kg. Weight difference between tandem Jumpers must not exceed 30 kg. Maximum combined weight 150 kg.

  • Safety Gear:

    Safety Gear provided.

  • Please ensure:

    you wear flat, secure and enclosed footwear. Chappals, slippers , non strapped sandals or high heels are not allowed.

  • Photos:

    5 pictures of jump provided (Digital Copies)

  • Dress:

    Wear clothes like Singlets, T-shirts, shorts or pants.


    From hotel

  • Videos:

    Payable at Spot.

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